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by TwentyFour7convenience

Lung Fitness Trainer

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The Lung Fitness Trainer is the perfect tool for those looking to challenge their breathing capacity. It is lightweight and portable, making it highly versatile for lots of different contexts. With its adjustable resistance dial at your disposal, you can exercise more intensely and really push yourself to improve your endurance levels. Use the Lung Fitness Trainer before, during or post activity for high altitude training, respiratory health and safe lung practice. Giving you access to a complete exerciser that will also fit comfortably in your pocket, mouthpiece or pocket-size makes this accessory multifunctional. For all athletes striving for better performance and all individuals looking to improve their respiratory health - look no further than the innovative Lung Fitness Trainer.




Material: Silicone 
Product Size: 9.5 * 5.5cm/3.74*2.16in

Package Includes:
1 X Lung Fitness Trainer 

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