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by TwentyFour7Convenience

Garlic Press

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EASY TO USE AND DURABLE This premium garlic clove crusher and bean crusher is made of high quality food-grade materials to extract more garlic cloves from cloves. Comfortable ergonomic design is easy to use and convenient to use on your wrist and wrist. Perfect for professional and home kitchens.
Crush and Chop Unpeeled Garlic Cloves, Peeling and chopping garlic can be exhausting and messy. Not to mention the potent odor that lingers on your hands. Thanks to the heavy-duty and ergonomic design of this sturdy garlic press, you can crush and chop unpeeled garlic in one motion, producing a beautiful and delicious garlic pulp.
Easy to clean, simply rinse the press under tap water or wash in the dishwasher. To avoid residual hardening of the garlic pulp and fibers, it is recommended to rinse immediately after use.
MULTIPURPOSE TOOLS Don't have a mortar and pestle? When any recipe calls for "freshly cracked" or "rough" seeds, pack your parsley seeds or peppers into a garlic press. This amazing garlic clove press also allows you to crush ginger, onions and nuts. Simply place the garlic cloves into the press chamber and squeeze the press.

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