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by TwentyFour7convenience

Adjustable Jar Opener

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Say goodbye to struggling with opening stubborn jar lids with this Adjustable Jar Opener. Designed to effortlessly and quickly remove every tight can lid, this versatile jar opener features an adjustable design that can fit into different sizes of bottle mouths. Great for use in home kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. It is constructed with quality stainless steel for great durability and also comes with a suspension hole so you can hang it after use.


Ideal for those who have limited hand strength or mobility such as young children and elderlies, as well as sufferers of arthritis, hand injuries, or anyone who just wants to make their lives easier in the kitchen. This opener is lightweight but offers a comfortable handle for firm gripping and better control. You can use it without too much pressure from your hands and prevent strain and stiffness when opening lids. Get this Adjustable Jar Opener today - let it do all the difficult work while you simply enjoy life!


Specifications:Material: Stainless steelColor: Black, WhiteMaximum Opening Size: 10cmSize: 19.6 x 2.4 x 1.6cm


Package Includes: 1 x Adjustable Jar Opener 

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